Deviation Tool

DevProbe1 | Deviation Probe

The Deviation Probe DevProbe1 is used to measure the borehole deviation. A three-axis magnetometer measures the azimuthal direction of the borehole and a dual tilt sensor provides information about the inclination. The probe is sealed and temperature compensated. Borehole deviation is required to determine the precise XYZ location of a seismic source or geophone inside a borehole. A software is provided to visualize and store the deviation data.


Operational depth:

Up to 200 m

Probe length:

1235 mm

Probe diameter:

40 mm

Probe weight:

3.45 kg

Cable weight per metre:

62 g

Cable strength:

1700 N

Borehole diameter:

50 mm

Azimuth range:

0 - 360°

Azimuth resolution:

+/-1° @ tilt > 10°

Tilt range:

0 - 180° 

Tilt resolution:


Temperature range:

0 to 135°C

Depth indicator:

Cable marker every 1 m


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